Why we use cork to seal our Surf Soak bottles

Screw tops, synthetic cork, and plastic caps are still the most popular methods to seal beauty products, but we wanted to do it differently. In our mission to create sustainable packaging for our soaks, we decided to use natural, biodegradable cork to seal our bottles. 

When you think of cork its likely that wine stoppers come to mind, but cork is used for all sorts of purposes including flooring, furniture, clothing and even NASA spaceships. Cork is the perfect material for us to use in our packaging because it’s antimicrobial, reusable, recyclable, and waterproof. 

The majority of the world’s cork comes from Europe and North Africa, where Cork Oak trees grow in abundance. The material is extracted without harming the tree, which makes it a renewable resource for us to use. Regular harvesting actually extends the tree’s lifespan from 75 to 300 years, and as they grow they suck up carbon from the atmosphere, cleaning the earth’s air. 

Cork forests form crucial habitats for threatened animals and plant species, as well as providing jobs for hundreds of thousands of people. Rubbers and plastics are cheaper and easier to use in packaging, but we’d prefer to reduce our reliance on petrochemical-based products that harm our environment.  

We encourage our self-care community to use cork wherever possible to minimize our collective ecological footprint. Together we can take a stand against wasteful packaging and support nature instead. 

Purchase our glass bottled, cork-sealed Sea Salt & Rose and Sea Salt & Seaweed soaks here.