Sea Salt & Seaweed

Our two soaks are inspired by, and sourced from the ocean. We start with sustainably sourced Canadian sea salt and combine it with botanical ingredients to increase the healing power of your bath. Our Sea Salt & Seaweed soak captures the ocean’s essence in bottles and pouches so you can be close to the ocean in your own home. 

Why we use seaweed

From detoxing the body, to aiding recovery after exercise, and promoting clear skin, the benefits of seaweed are seemingly endless. Our Seaweed Harvester (and Marine Biologist) Amanda Swinimer is an expert when it comes to this incredible plant: 

“The way seaweed is harvested, varies from species to species, but in general it is essentially pruning. Year after year I harvest seaweed and supply my local community year round, and I never have to sacrifice the life of any individual seaweed. I cut the blades, leaving enough new growth for them to continue growing, and will actually harvest from the same seaweed more than once in a season. Harvesting sub-tidal seaweeds involves snorkelling offshore, and the experiences I have had doing that have been truly amazing. I have seen a plethora of creatures and being among the kelp forests is an experience that enters the soul. Seeing our Pacific Northwest from this perspective makes me fully realize why our ocean has been referred to as ‘The Emerald Sea’.”

We recently chatted with Amanda in detail about seaweed, read the blog post in full here to learn more about this staple ingredient in our soaks. 

The health benefits of eucalyptus

Sea salt and seaweed aren’t the only ingredients in this soak, we’ve also incorporated eucalyptus. Found commonly in homeopathic products, eucalyptus is a fast-growing evergreen tree native to Australia that’s used all over the world. It has been used for centuries to reduce symptoms of coughs, colds, and congestion. It also plays a role in relieving inflammation, muscle and joint pain. We love it for its medicinal properties, but also for its beautiful scent. 

All in earth-friendly packaging

To ensure we’re protecting our beautiful planet, all of our soaks come in recyclable packaging. Our motto is re-fill, re-use, re-cycle! We love seeing our customers get creative with their Surf Soak bottles. If you’ve re-used yours share it with us on Instagram using #surfsoak and tagging @surfsoak