New Scents Now Available! Try our Honeysuckle and Clary Sage

Today we launch two new scentsHoneysuckle and Clary Sage!

These calming new soaks have been in the works for a while and we're so excited for you to try them. They’re both currently available as medium bottles in a limited quantity.  


Relax into a tub infused with the bright, sweet, and relaxing floral aroma of Honeysuckle essential oil. This soak will brighten your day and includes Canadian seaweed and sea salt. 

Honeysuckle is a skin-soothing plant with antioxidants. Its sweet aroma is powerful when it comes to relieving mental and physical stress. It’s also great for your skin, helping blemishes, rashes, and itching. 

Clary Sage 

This unique soak was a natural step for us and blends Clary Sage essential oil, Pacific Marine Clay, and our signature Canadian sea salt. Clary Sage exhibits cooling properties that soothes inflamed skin, balances the natural production of sebum and strengthens your muscles. 

It’s the perfect partner to clay, which features in many beauty products, including face masks, exfoliants, and body wraps. Clay is wonderfully cleansing, draws out impurities, and aids in healing acne, eczema, and minor cuts. 

Pour a handful of our Honeysuckle or Clary Sage soaks into a warm bathtub and bathe in the energy of the wild and welcoming Pacific Ocean. Purchase yours now.