Go Plastic Free This July

Surf Soak is joining millions of people in reducing their plastic this month! Celebrate #plasticfreejuly with us and become part of an incredible, global movement. 

We are of the ocean. It is the central life force of this planet and has inspired us every step of the way. Our soaks all include Canadian sea salt, sourced sustainably from the ocean surrounding our home on Vancouver Island, B.C. Surf Soak believes the ocean’s calming, medicinal properties are worth sharing, and we hope you enjoy bathing in the energy of the Pacific Ocean as much as we do. 

Our sustainable packaging

Not only do the ingredients in our soaks preserve surrounding oceans, forests, and communities, our packaging does too. We’ve chosen to use earth-friendly biodegradable bags, and glass bottles that can be reused or recycled. If you’ve purchased our bottles in the past, keep them topped up by purchasing our pouches as refills. Our customers have been very creative and reused their bottles rather than recycled them. Give your Surf Soak bottles a new life re-using them as vases, makeup brush holders, and more! Show us how you reuse your bottles by posting a photo and tagging it #SurfSoakReuse. 

Creating a plastic-free bathroom 

A large proportion of our home waste comes in the form of plastic, especially single-use plastics from our bathrooms. Below we’ve compiled a list of alternatives to achieve a plastic-free bathroom…

  • Avoid plastic packaging when you’re shopping. Look for hair and bath products like Surf Soak that use glass or paper. You could also take a container to your nearest zero-waste store to fill. 
  • Switch your plastic toothbrush to bamboo or a similar sustainable material.
  • Opt for toilet paper that is 100% recycled and packaged in paper. You could also use cloths in the place of tissues and cotton rounds. 
  • Choose a stainless steel razor to avoid those throw away plastic ones. They are much more safe and hygienic anyway!
  • Create your own mouthwash like this one from The Kind Planet. 
  • Swap your plastic shower curtain for a hemp or burlap one. We prefer the look and feel of them and they aren’t toxic like plastic. 

Other ways to get involved 

If you’ve already mastered a plastic-free bathroom, take a look at the other resources available on plasticfreejuly.org. They have tips on reducing plastic in other spaces in your home, guidance on organizing events like beach clean ups, and ways to become plastic-free at work too.  

We’d love to share our plastic-free journey with you so please follow us on Instagram. If you have any questions, or ideas you’d like to share regarding our sustainable packaging please get in touch with us here