Bathing History & Rituals

At Surf Soak baths are part of our daily routine, and we believe they’re good for the soul. Part of our fascination with bathing comes from its historic relevance and use in cleansing rituals. 

The history of bathing

Natural hot springs

Soothing, natural hot springs are found all over the world. Not only are they relaxing for our mind and bodies, they are also mineral-dense and often surrounded by incredible vistas. There’s nothing like hiking to a secluded hot spring, and in British Columbia we’re lucky to have easy access to these surreal natural baths. Keyhole, Liard River, and Hot Springs Cove are all worth the trip and arguably, even better in during the winter months. 

Public baths

Before baths made their way into modern homes they could be found at the heart of ancient cities. In Europe, public baths first appeared in Rome and slowly spread across the continent, providing communities with a place to wash, exercise, and socialize. Many of these beautiful, decorative buildings still exist today, including Istanbul’s Cagaloglu Hamam and Budapest’s Gellert Baths. 

Bathing as a ritual

Different countries and cultures have their own complex, and compelling bathing rituals. Our research into these practices informed our soaks, which is why we use natural ingredients with medicinal properties.

Ayurvedic baths

Indian ayurvedic (meaning “wisdom of life”) baths are a healing art practiced for thousands of years. Its believed that this practice prevents disease and maintains, promotes, and restores health. An Ayurvedic bath includes massaging medicinal oils into the body to detoxify the skin and cleansing in water infused with plants such as chamomile and linden blossom. 

Temazcal steam baths

In Mexican medicine the temazcal steam bath is similarly seen as an important part of healing disease. This ritual purification takes place in a traditional, round adobe hut where hot stones, water, and herbal remedies are used to relax the body. 

Thalasso baths

When learning about bathing rituals we were particularly interested in France’s thalasso therapies. This practice uses saltwater from the Atlantic thats rich in minerals. In this case, sea water is used to treat a myriad of health concerns including circulatory problems, back pain, rheumatism, and neurodermatitis. 

Our soaks contain Canadian sea salt and are perfect for emulating this ritual at home, or creating your own daily practice. Purchase Surf Soak now from our product page, or visit one of our stockists across Canada.